FURminator Grooming Essentials Kit for Pets, Medium, Long Hair

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The FURminator® Grooming Essentials Kit, Medium, Long Hair

The grooming essentials kit includes everything you need to become your own professional at-home pet groomer. This kit contains your daily, weekly and monthly grooming solutions including: 1 deShedding Tool, 1 box of Shed Control Cloths, a 16 oz. bottle of deShedding Shampoo and an 8.5 oz. bottle of deShedding Spray.

For your daily needs the Shed Control Cloths are a convenient and great way to remove loose hair and clean your dog’s coat. For your weekly needs the Medium Long Hair deShedding Tool will help reduce loose hair shedding up to 90% on regularly goomed dogs. This tool is designed for dogs between 21 - 50 lbs. with hair shorter than 2 inches. In addition to the tool, the deShedding Spray helps reduce shedding without bathing. Finally for your monthly needs the deShedding Ultra-Premium Shampoo promotes a healthy skin and coat which will help reduce shedding.