Kissable Dog Dental Wipes (50 count)

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Dental Wipes 50pads. These gentle wipes are perfect for the dog who resists brushing with a toothbrush, they clean the front and the back of the teeth at the same time. All natural herbal-infused dental wipes are great for dogs that won't let you brush with a toothbrush. They promote excellent oral hygiene while refreshing your dog's breath. These textured wipes contain baking soda which provides gentle abrasion to help remove unwanted build up. They also combine the gentleness of aloe with the antioxidant power of pomegranate. Aloe works like a toothpaste to eliminate disease causing bacteria in the mouth and the latest research on pomegranate shows that it is beneficial in reducing dental plaque accumulation and gum disease. The Wipes also contain grape seed extract, rosemary, lavender and parsley, which help to promote good oral hygiene.