Nature's Miracle No Scratch Deter Spray 8oz

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Stretching cats and scratching claws have a habit of tearing up family heirlooms, drapes, and household furniture. Keep the claws away with Nature's Miracle JFC Scratching Deterrent Spray. The long-lasting formula eliminates the pheremones cats leave behind on their "favorite personal scratching posts" to discourage them from repeat performances. It's safe to use anywhere your pet pal likes to scratch.

Key Benefits

  • Discourages scratching wherever sprayed. When cats scratch on a surface, their paw glands leave behind a scent as a way of marking territory. Scratching Deterrent Spray works to eliminate this scent and discourage repeat scratching behavior
  • For indoor & outdoor training, can be re-applied as needed until undesirable habit is broken
  • Has a harmless scent cats dislike and prefer not to smell, causing them to stay away from treated areas
  • Long lasting concentrated formula is safe to use around children and pets won't stain carpet or furniture
  • Keep cats away from off-limits surfaces like beds, furniture and potted plants


Keep out of reach of children. Do not apply directly to pet.