TropiClean Aloe Moist Shampoo, 20-oz

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Bye-bye dry, itchy skin, and bye-bye smelly pup! All-natural, deep-cleaning TripiClean Aloe Moist Shampoo will wash the stink out of even the dirtiest dog, and leave your four-footed fur ball feeling and smelling his freshest! This deodorizing shampoo has oatmeal, aloe vera and essential proteins that bring back a healthy balance of moisture to the skin and make him extra huggable.

Key Benefits

  • Oatmeal soothes dry skin while aloe vera helps moisturize skin
  • All natural ingredients keep your pets coat soft and fresh smelling
  • Leaves your pets skin and coat soft and shiny
  • Soap-free shampoo won't affect flea treatments